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We are a full service Orange & Orange County fire sprinkler company. We offer a full range of fire sprinkler services to maintain or install your sprinkler system. We practice NFPA standards & codes helping you comply with Federal, State & the City of Orange & Orange County Fire Codes. Most importantly we will help keep you, your family, co-workers, friends, and personal property safe from the dangers of fire.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fire Sprinkler Services in Orange & Orange County

Our company can handle any job, whether it's a home residence sprinkler system, a commercial high rise with water based sprinkler and standpipe sprinkler systems or industrial applications such as hospital's, schools, airplane hangers.

Our fire sprinkler technicians will carefully evaluate all fire hazards present in your residential, commercial or industrial building, ensure that each fire hazard has proper coverage, and install, replace or repair a fire sprinkler system easy for you to operate in your home residence, commercial building or industrial facility.

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