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Orange & Orange County Restaurant Fire Suppression Design and Engineering
Fire Prevention and Fire Safety in Orange & Orange County, California

We design and engineer fire suppression systems for your home or commercial business and specialize in restaurant fire suppression systems.

We evaluate the fire hazards present, types of equipment and appliances that may normally be damaged by wet pipe (water) fire sprinkler systems. We design and engineer your restaurant kitchen fire suppression system based on our client's needs, permit requirements, insurance requirements and any other agency involved.

We provide the necessary 3D Maps, AUTOCAD Maps, drafts, drawings and blueprints for all of your "dots and spots" inspections, insurance companies, and any other agencies involved.

Commercial Fire Suppression Design and Engineering

Commercial fire suppression systems are designed to keep your office safe from the hazards of fire, while using an extinguishing agent that may be easy to clean up, keep your computers, data centers, precious art, office files and more safe from water or fire damage.

Designing and engineering your commercial business for a fire suppression system is one of our specialties. We work hand in hand with your building contractors, general contractors, project leaders and the commercial owners of the building. Contact us today.


Orange & Orange County Fire Suppression Systems

Fire Protection Education:

We provide fire extinguisher training for children, adults and employees. Learn how to protect yourself against the dangers of fire by using a fire extinguisher.

Sparky the Fire Dog

Fire Extinguisher Education /
Training and Certificates

We educate children, adults and employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher in emergencies. Receive a fire extinguisher training certificate upon course completion.

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