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Carbon Dioxide is known as the original "Clean Agent" fire suppression system. CO2 fire suppression systems use carbon dioxide as the primary chemical used to extinguish a fire, carbon dioxide blankets the area starving the fire from oxygen a vital element needed for fire to spread.

Commercial CO2 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems

Carbon dioxide clean agent fire suppression systems are designed and engineered for many commercial applications such as data centers, computer rooms, offices, file storage rooms, art galleries, libraries, rare book exhibits or fine art exhibits anything that could possibly be damaged through the use of an automatic fire sprinkler system spraying large amounts of water possibly damaging electrical appliances and equipment, paperwork, and art.

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System Installations

If our clients require CO2 fire suppression systems we will evaluate the fire hazards present, determine the best coverage for the property that needs fire protection and custom design and engineer a complete carbon dioxide fire suppression system. Our fire protection technicians we install the carbon dioxide fire suppression system based on NFPA standards and codes, municipal building codes, state and city fire and health codes.

CO2 Fire Suppression Service, Maintenance and Repair

All carbon dioxide fire suppression clean agent systems require routine maintenance, service and repair that must be completed by a licensed fire protection company familiar with all NFPA standards and codes and state and city fire and health codes.

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We provide fire extinguisher training for children, adults and employees. Learn how to protect yourself against the dangers of fire by using a fire extinguisher.

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We educate children, adults and employees on how to properly use a fire extinguisher in emergencies. Receive a fire extinguisher training certificate upon course completion.

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